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Writing a wrapper

16 December 2018

5 minutes

During my first semester of my second year in Polytechnic, I began writing a simple wrapper for the Spotify Web API as I was interesting in…

An investigation into generics in Java

26 November 2018

3 minutes

Generics was a feature introduced in Java 5 and it has changed how Java developers write code. This article will be discussing some of the…

Familiarising yourself with lambdas in Kotlin

28 October 2018

6 minutes

Kotlin is a language that was built on top of the JVM and what really sets it apart from Java is the emphasis on functions being a first…

Experience conducting a workshop for Kotlin

06 October 2018

2 minutes

During the school holidays, I was fortunate to be able to work with a lecturer from my school to hold a workshop teaching Kotlin using…

Crafting a CSV to DB tool

15 July 2018

3 minutes

Why make this? This tool was originally meant to be used for a data science project of mine where I had to pull data from the internet down…

Breaking down KML files

20 June 2018

5 minutes

Introduction During my second year, I took a data science course and in there, we were instructed to take data sets from https://data.gov.sg…

Diving into (Java) streams

08 April 2018

4 minutes

What are streams? Streams was introduced in Java 1.8 and it had completely changed how we write code. The majority of what I will be…