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The truth behind software projects

26 May 2020

8 minutes

It's 3am. You are one commit away from launching your first release of your latest idea. It's an AI system to help people recommend names…

Deploying discord bots written in Kotlin to Heroku

21 April 2020

8 minutes

Over my time in TPH, I have noticed that a common woe aspiring bot developers have is that they are unable to host their Discord bot online…

Gatsby.js + GitHub Actions + GitHub Pages = Match Made in Heaven?

14 April 2020

13 minutes

After a long hiatus induced by the demons that was school, I have finally defeated the final boss and graduated! With that, I have started…

Lessons from Meetup (and Docker)

06 September 2019

8 minutes

Recently, I got into Docker and used Meetup as a testing grounds for improving my knowledge on Docker. Meetup is a Discord bot written with…

Heroku x Docker x Discord bot x Kotlin

31 August 2019

4 minutes

You may be wondering what's up with the over the top, nearly fan-ship name, trust me, I was not on anything when I wrote this. I simply…

Applications of Kotlin's delegate properties

13 July 2019

6 minutes

Announcement time! After a long hiatus from kMD2PDF, I revved up my engines and began to work on my latest planned feature for the project…

Porting to FlexMark

08 April 2019

4 minutes

kMD2PDF now finally uses FlexMark as the back end for the markdown to html conversion. This is a big moment as now a lot more flexibility…

Lessons on software release

03 April 2019

5 minutes

Oh boy, I screwed up bad, like really badly. Ok ok, let's go back and see where it all began. I've learnt countless lessons from this and I…

Concluding the National Data Science Challenge 2019

31 March 2019

1 minute

Recently, I participated in the National Data Science Challenge organized by Shopee! It was an incredibly inspiring and exhilarating…

Introducing Omnius

24 February 2019

1 minute

Every developer will encounter slumps where they have no idea what to do and nothing in their life challenges them to grow as a developer…